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The following is a list (with a short introduction), which I made 8 months ago, when Galina was signing a lot, as a bridge to speech. Galina signs as in SIGNALONG, (i.e. sign-supported English). As explained earlier, she occasionally uses BSL (British Sign Language).
Galina is now beginning to put more words together, and is beginning to drop signs, although she still uses many. Her word combinations are attempts at sentences such as: "Mum book knee Eeneh", meaning: "Mum read a book to Galina, who will sit on your knee."
Galina's current words (185) signed and/or vocalised, age 3 years , April 2001.

[v = vocalised, s = signed]

Galina — v & s (says eeneh, points to self)
Mum — v (says Mum, & mummy)
Dad — v & s (says Dad, & Da -y ; signs letter F — father)
Rob — v (says ob)
Lucky — v & s (says cky, signs 'dog')
apple — v & s (says apa, and signalong)
baby — v (says baby)
back — v & s (says back , and points to back)
badger — v & s (says baah, and signs stripes on eyes)
bag — v (says ba)
bagpipes — v & s (says ba-pa, signs playing chanter)
bake — v & s (says bake, signs mixing cake in bowl)
ball — v & s (says baw, and signalong)
bark — v (says bark)
bath — v & s (says bath, signs splashing)
bear — v (says bear)
bed — v & s (says be, signalong, same as sleep)
bee — v & s (says bee, and signs 'flowers' — her associative logic)
bib — v (says biff)
big — v & s (says big, and signs arms out wide)
bike — v (says bike)
bird — v & s (says too-too, and signalong)
biscuit — v & s (says bist, and signalong)
blue — v (says boo)
boat — v & s (says boa, signalong)
boo (as in peek-a-boo) — v & s (says boo, and signs hands over eyes)
book — v & s (says book, and signalong)
boots — v (says boos)
bottle — v & s (says bo , and signalong)
bounce — v (says bow)
broccoli — v (says colli)
bubbles — v & s (says ba-ba, and signalong)
buggy — v (says bug)
buttons — v & s (says buh, and signalong)
bye-bye — v & s (says bye and waves)
cake — v (says cake)
car — v & s (says car,)
cards — v (sayscards)
cat — v & s (says maow and signalong)
chair — v & s (says chair and signalong)
chin — v & s (says chi and points to chin)
clock — v & s (says cochk, and signs her own ticktock sign)
clouds — v (says couds)
coat — v & s (says coh and signalong)
counting — v & s (says two, fee, four, fav, though not always in that order (!)
and points to similar objects or holds up fingers)
cow — v & s (says cow)
crocodile — v & s (says kile, and signs jaws smacking with both hands)
cry — v (says cwy)
crying — v (says cywi)
dark — v & s (says kark, and signalong)
David — v & s (says vay, and signs a letter 'd')
day — v & s (says day, and sigs arms semi-circle span)
dog — v & s (says goch — like loch, and signalong)
door — v & s (says door, and signalong)
down — v (says dow)
dress — v (says dess)
drink — v (says dichk)
drum — v & s (says duh-duh and signs playing drum, beating with two drum-sticks)
duck — v (says quack)
ears — s (points to ears)
eat — s (signalong)
Eeyore — v (says Eeyaw)
Eilidh (Gaelic name pronounced Aylie) — v & s (says Aylie, and signs)
Emily — v (says Elily)
eyes — v & s (says eyes, and points to her eyes)
elephant — s (signs elephant's trunk)
fire — v & s (says fiye, and signalong)
fish — v (says fis,)
flower — s (signalong)
fork — v (says fochk)
fox — v & s (says foss and signalong)
frog — v (says fochg)
giraffe — v (says faff)
go — v (says go)
gone — v (says goch)
granny — s (signs double 'g')
grandad — v & s (says ga-ga , and signs 'g' then 'd')
green — v ( says gee)
ground — s (bends down and touches the ground)
grass — s (signalong)
guitar — v (says tar, and sometimes guitar)
hair — v (says air)
ham — v (says am)
hands — v (says ads, and points to hands)
hat — v & s (says at, and signalong)
hedgehog — s (bsl sign — like a fan of spikes)
hello — v (says ello)
hen — s (signs hens wings, like chicken dance)
hide — s (signs peeking from behind hands)
honey — v (says uhney)
horse — v & s (says hoss, and signalong)
hot — v & s (says oss, and signalong)
house — v (says ouse)
hungry — s (signs same as sign for eat: fingers to mouth)
hurt — s (points to 'sore' bit — usually pretending, and puts on a petted lip! I think it's a new game.)
is — v (says is)
Isabel — v (says bella)
juice — v (says joo)
Keiko — v (says Keiko , Japanese doll's name)
key — v & s (says key, and signs turning key)
kick — v (says kich)
kiss — v (says kiss)
knees — v & s (says knee , and points to knees)
kneeling — v (says kneeli)
Leo — v (says Eeo)
light — v & s (says aas, and signalong)
me — v (says me)
Miles — v (says Miwes)
milk — v (says michk)
monkey — v & s (says mmm, and signs monkey waving arms)
mouse — s (says mouse, and bsl sign — index finger to side of nose)
moon — v & s (says mmm, and signalong)
my — v (says my)
neck — v (says eck)
no — v (says no)
nose — v & s (says nose , and points to nose)
off — v (says off)
oh dear — v (says oh dear)
olive — (says ov or vol)
orange — s (signalong)
owl — v (says ow)
pants — v (says pass)
pasta — v (says pa st)
paw — v (says paw)
peas — v (says peas)
phone — v & s (says pho, and signalong)
pee — v (says pee — toilet)
piano — v & s (says dao, and signs playing up and down keyboard)
pig — v & s (says pig, and signalong)
Piglet — v — (says Pigluh)
piggy-back — v & s (says back, and points to back)
pillow — s (signs both hands above shoulders, fingers and thumb feeling softness, bsl)
pink — v (says pichk)
play — v (says play)
please — v (says pease)
plum — v (says pluh)
Pooh — v (says Pooh , as in Winnie The)
poo (as in toilet) — v (says poo, and also cachc — Gaelic for poo)
pup — v (says pup)
purple — v (says puhpuh)
push — v (says puss)
rabbit — s (signalong)
rain — v & s (says way, and signalong)
rice — v (says wye)
red — s (signs index finger to bottom lip)
run — v & s (says wuh-wuh, and signs arm movement as when running)
same — v (says muss)
scarf — v (says carf)
sea — v (says sea,)
sheep — v & s (says baa-baa, and signalong)
shoes — v (says oos,)
Simon — s (signs letter s)
sleep — v & s (says peep, and signalong, same as bed)
snake -v & s (says sss, and signs forked tong snaking along)
sock — v (says osk, sometimes koss)
Sophie — v (says Phee)
specs — v (says pess)
splash — v & s (saysplass, and signs splashing — great enjoyment!)
stairs — v & s (says tais, and signs hands flat, one on top of another, getting higher)
star — v (says taa)
stick — v (says kik)
stone — v & s (says tone, and signalong)
swing — v & s (says wheee! and signs swinging back and forward)
soup — v & s (says poos, and signs spooning energetically into mouth)
tail — s (signs tail wagging with right hand)
tea — v & s (says tea, and signs drinking with pinkie finger in air — elegant!)
teeth — v & s (says teeth, and points to teeth)
thank-you — v (says kaa-oo)
thumb — s (waggles thumb)
toes — v & s (says toes, and points to toes)
toast — v (says toas)
tomato — v (says taao)
tree — v & s (says kee, and signalong)
trousers — v & s (says too-doo, pointing to each leg in rhythm with sound)
umbrella — v (says bella)
up — v (says up)
van — v (says va)
vest — v (says vess)
water — s (signalong)
white — v (says whice)
yellow — v (says lello)
yes — v (says ess)

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